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Section 3: Unmanageable

Prayer from The Twelve Steps and the Sacraments


I begin this process seeking an open heart and an open mind.

Please help me shed my personal ambitions

for the sake of finding a new experience with you.

Please enable me to set aside everything I think I know

for an open mind and a new experience.

Remove any denial that may get in the way

of seeing my condition exactly as it is.

Help me to see the truth about addiction

and the parts of my life that shut out the sunlight of the Spirit.

Offer me the opportunity to see the true meaning

of powerlessness over people, places, and things.

Just as your own baptism identified you with the broken

and made you one with sinners,

I look to the waters of baptism to acknowledge my broken ways

and clothe myself in your redeeming grace.

Thank you for providing me this path

to co-creating my life with you, my blessed Lord.


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