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Sign up for our June 20th CIR+ webinar titled “Foundations for Recovery from Lust Addiction”.

Pathway to Recovery

Sign up for CIR’s Pathway to Recovery! You’ll receive emailed support, encouragement, and resources for the first 90 days of recovery to keep you accountable to finding freedom during those first critical three months.

Getting over that 90-day hump is a major milestone in recovery and something we need all the help with we can get. Even if you’ve been in recovery for a long time, signing up for CIR’s Pathway to Recovery offers a great way to reboot and reinvigorate your recovery if it’s grown lax as well as continue to deepen your recovery and relationship with Christ.

CIR’s Pathway to Recovery is meant to accompany you while you deepen your recovery and faith, one day at a time. Over the next 90 days, you’ll receive:
  An overview for setting a foundation for recovery by practicing certain critical daily habits
  Videos and articles related to recovery and the Catholic faith that offer inspiration, hope, and encouragement as you work your recovery
  Advice and guidance for staying on the path of sobriety, including help with finding a sponsor, what to expect during the first three months of recovery, and when and how to begin working the Twelve Steps
  Invitations to deepen your recovery through retreats, CIR’s Living the Steps series, webinars, and other life-saving opportunities

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+ Discounts on CIR products & partners’ products, including 25% off the CIR workbook

+ Access to robust video learning modules on recovery-related issues, including our CIR digital workbook companion that includes videos, prayers, exercises, and worksheets

+ Access to CIR meeting reflections, CIR daily reflections, and our CIR meetings & events calendar

+ Access to a CIR community forum to connect with CIR members around the country

+ Access to webinars hosted by experienced CIR fellows for different addiction and unhealthy attachment types

+ Access to all CIR resources, including meeting reflections, reflection books, and our Sponsorship Guide to nourish your recovery and spiritual life