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Section 15: Justice

“Way of the Cross” by Pope Francis

Loving Jesus,

you went up to Golgotha without hesitation, in utter love,

and let yourself be crucified without complaint.

Lowly Son of Mary,

you shouldered the burden of our night

to show us the immense light

with which you wanted to fill our hearts.

In your suffering is our redemption;

in your tears we see “the hour”

when God’s gracious love is revealed.

In your final breath, as a man among men,

you lead us back, seven times forgiven,

to the heart of the Father,

and you show us, in your last words,

the path to the redemption of all our sorrows.

You, the Incarnate All, empty yourself on the cross,

understood only by her, your Mother,

who stood faithfully beneath that gibbet.

Your thirst is a wellspring of hope,

a hand extended even to the repentant thief,

who this day, thanks to you, enters paradise.

To all of us, crucified Lord Jesus,

grant your infinite mercy,

a fragrance of Bethany upon the world,

a cry of life for all humanity.

And at last, as we commend ourselves into the hands of your Father,

open unto us the doors of undying Life!


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