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Holy Week

Virtual Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_Holy_Week_Virtual B_Lent_Holy_Week_Virtual (Family) B_Lent_Holy_Week_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_Holy_Week_Printable B_Lent_Holy_Week_Printable (Family) B_Lent_Holy_Week_Printable...

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Virtual Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_Palm_Sunday_Virtual B_Lent_Palm_Sunday_Virtual (Family) B_Lent_Palm_Sunday_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_Palm_Sunday_Printable B_Lent_Palm_Sunday_Printable (Family) B_Lent_Palm_Sunday_Printable...

5th Sunday of Lent

Virtual Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_5_Virtual B_Lent_5_Virtual (Family) B_Lent_5_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_5_Printable B_Lent_5_Printable (Family) B_Lent_5_Printable (Men’s)

4th Sunday of Lent

Virtual Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_4_Virtual B_Lent_4_Virtual (Family) B_Lent_4_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_4_Printable B_Lent_4_Printable (Family) B_Lent_4_Printable (Men’s)

3rd Sunday of Lent

Virtual Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_3_Virtual B_Lent_3_Virtual (Family) B_Lent_3_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Reflections: B_Lent_3_Printable B_Lent_3_Printable (Family) B_Lent_3_Printable (Men’s)