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All Souls Day

Virtual meeting reflections: A_OT_31_Virtual A_OT_31_Virtual (Family) A_OT_31_Virtual (Men’s) In-person meeting reflections: A_OT_31_Printable A_OT_31_Printable (Family) A_OT_31_Printable (Men’s)

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Virtual Meeting Format: A_OT_30_Virtual A_OT_30_Virtual (Family) A_OT_30_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Format: A_OT_30_Printable A_OT_30_Printable (Family) A_OT_30_Printable (Men’s)

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Virtual Meeting Reflections: A_OT_29_Virtual A_OT_29_Virtual (Family) A_OT_29_Virtual (Men’s) In-Person Meeting Reflections: A_OT_29_Printable A_OT_29_Printable (Family) A_OT_29_Printable (Men’s)...