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Sponsorship Guide

Join CIR+ today to access the Sponsorship Guide ebook for insight and advice about finding and working with a sponsor in 12-step recovery!

Sponsorship Guide details the critical importance of having a sponsor in recovery and offers practical advice for finding and working with a sponsor to begin and maintain your recovery. There is no substitute for having a sponsor. As countless individuals who have found freedom and healing from their addiction or unhealthy attachment can attest, working the Twelve Steps under the guidance of a committed sponsor is one of the greatest gifts recovery offers.

This ebook offers advice and insight from those in the CIR community who have found freedom, faith, and fellowship from both having a sponsor and being a sponsor to others in 12-step recovery, including:

  • What the role of a sponsor is and why it is so necessary for your recovery
  • What traits you should look for in someone when finding a sponsor
  • How to go about finding a good sponsor—and what to do when you are struggling to find one
  • How often you should meet with your sponsor and what you’ll discuss
  • And more!

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