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Friday of the Sixth Week of Easter
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Therefore, we should take care to guard our eyes, as Jesus informs us, when it comes to engaging with media that fosters resentment, fear, lust, violence, cynicism, anxiety, escapist tendencies, depression, laziness, and other vices. Instead, let us fill our whole bodies with light by seeking prayer, spiritual reading, edifying material, fellowship, the sacraments, and other grace-filled gifts as we continue on our journey of recovery.


Reflection Questions

  • What are your go-to shows or online outlets and are they bringing you closer to or further from God? Do you need to change your consumption habits and, if so, how might you do so starting today?
  • What are some ways you can unwind at the end of the day that are more pleasing to God and keep you in “light” rather than venturing toward darkness?


Daily Mass Readings

First Reading: 2 Corinthians 11:18, 21-30
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7
Gospel: Matthew 6:19-23

Reflection by Allison H.

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