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    Scott Weeman

    Happy Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi! I fell in love with his prayer before I knew much about him, and when I came to learn about how radical of a transformation he went through, has been a helpful guide throughout my recovery journey.

    What draws you to Saint Francis of Assisi? Share any anecdotes or influence he has made on your recovery journey and life of faith.


    I have like the song version of the prayer ever since I played in the guitar music ministry. My initial draw was the animals attracted to him, and that people brought their animals to be blessed on his feast day.

    The pray has a deep meaning as well, it speaks of how we should act, where there’s sadness, joy; darkness, light; despair, hope….


    My Saint is St.Margaret of Cortana. Now I have to explain how this saint came to me. If this is not a God wink or a message from heaven I don’t know what is then.

    I was listening to Catholic Radio’s morning show with Gus Lloyd, it was Jan 2, 2022. The subject was Saint of the year. He was using the Saints name generator by Jen Fulwiler. I thought why not try it when I get home, so I did. I clicked the button and St. Margaret of Cortana was displayed.

    I was amazed the saint, my mother who past away six months earlier name was Margaret. Next I read what she was the patron saint of and here is were it got really strange for me. Her patronages are: against temptations; falsely accused people; homeless people; insanity; loss of parents; mental illness; mentally ill people; midwives; penitent women; single mothers; people ridiculed for their piety; reformed prostitutes; sexual temptation; single laywomen; third children.

    There are several in the list that include me, temptation, sexual temptation, falsely accused, loss of parents, mental illness of my addictions. As I said this was a sign, a God Wink, it sealed the deal for me to commit to a CIR start date at church, to commit to sponsoring, to commit my life to helping other as much as God would allow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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