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    Hello! I’m a recovering addict. I have many issues. Lately, I have been wild. I have been to many different step meetings but not a Catholic one. I’m not a regular church goer but haven’t lost my faith.


    Welcome Mary!
    Have you been able to attend any of the in=person or virtual meetings for CIR?
    I have found that CIR has increased my faith since I have joined.
    There is a women’s general recovery meeting on Wednesday nights at 8pm EST.
    Great group of Women.
    You are welcome to join us.
    Karen M.

    Whit Smith

    I attend AA meetings around once every two weeks still. I sought out CIR because I was getting a lot of flak in AA for being a faithful Catholic and since my conversion have not felt totally comfortable sharing in AA meetings through the lens of my faith.

    Mark Lisney

    Your experience, I believe, is not (unfortunately) unique, Whit. I am glad you expressed that here. I try hard not to denigrate anyone else’s spiritual beliefs or practices, especially in 12 Step meetings, and I often wonder why people feel it is appropriate to say things they think are “smart” and “funny”, like “Oh, and I’m a recovering Catholic!” It’s childish and disrespectful, and if it were any other religious faith, I don’t think it would be tolerated. I love CIR because I can talk about the faith and things that are specifically Catholic without having to “edit” my share. I have had some real success in using the Rosary to combat sexual temptation and normally any “strategy” would be welcomed at an SLAA meeting, but I didn’t think it would be accepted – I was afraid people might think I was trying to suggest THEY should take up the Rosary! I really needed to say it out loud, though, because it WAS making a difference and I wanted to reinforce it for myself by sharing it out loud – but not for proselytizing. Perhaps that was my mistake and I should have just said it and if anyone took it as a suggestion I could have taken the time to set the record straight. It’s hard to know how to handle things like that, so I am glad for CIR. The other issue I have found in the secular rooms is profanity in the form of blasphemy that makes me uncomfortable. There are times when I understand the use of fairly mild profanity in sharing, but I don’t like the use of Holy Names being treated disrespectfully. That we do not have in CIR and it is a relief!

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    Whit Smith

    Totally. Thanks for your response

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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