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Kimberly LeDoux

Hi, i am Kim from Massachusetts. I posted in another thread called introductions. My boyfriend and father of my one year old son is an addict. By the Grace of God he has been sober since august. I am struggling in my relationship with A. There is a great deal of rebuilding and Grace needed in our relationship. I believe God has had His hand on us throughout, and I’m so grateful that A is alive and well today. My journey of discovering that he was an addict and learning what that meant has been many things-eye-opening, scary and traumatic, devastating on quite a few fronts. But it has also opened my heart to the pain and suffering of others, and I know that God makes all things good for those who love Him. I believe there is so much potential for beauty that can come from the pain and suffering we have experienced, something that could reach far beyond ourselves and our family. I am open to what God is doing with us as individuals and as a couple. I feel that I am battling resentments and exhaustion that has stemmed from the fallout of the addiction. I feel that we are on two very different pages at this point in time. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to navigate the beginning stages of sobriety with a loved one, as well as any tips on how to discuss for the sake of healing. I try to be gentle and kind with my words, but they can often bring about negative feelings from my loved one, even when I think I have done my best to be considerate. I believe we both want to be supportive and understanding of each other, but I think we’re both struggling with how to do that for the other.
Thank you for listening and I appreciate any insights or thoughts. I am praying for you all. Kim