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Celeste Robichaux

Hello, I’m Celeste. I live in Cajun Country in South Louisiana. I’ve been married for 41 years and I have three adult sons and three amazing grandchildren.

I came to CIR seeking help with food addiction. I am pleased this forum is not hosted on Facebook, as I find I don’t spend time on Facebook anymore.

I have been on the outskirts of CIR for a while. I wrote a couple of blog articles for the website. I was hoping to start a group at my parish, but COVID got in the way, and last year we were hit hard by Hurricane Ida. I am finally settled in my new to me home.

I have never worked the 12 steps before, so I need guidance. I hope to find that here.

For work, I create courses for an online school three days a week. I enjoy knitting, reading, and making things with my hands (and power tools!).

I am a cradle Catholic with 12 years of Catholic school. I fell away from the Church during college, but I was drawn back by the Real Presence. I’ve completed and renewed several times my Marian Consecration and also consecration to St Joseph. The Marian consecration was life changing for me.

Dalton, I feel isolated too. I hope to find fellowship here.