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Whit Smith

Who are you?

– Thomas Whitfield Smith II (Whit)

Where are you from?

– Nashville, Tennessee

What’s your background?

– 36 years old, 5th generation Tennessean, proud WASP convert, oldest of three boys. Married for 10 years, three children (8f, 7f, 4m)
– Sober 14 years (2/25/2008) from drugs and alcohol
– Sober 6 years from pornography and attendant onanism
– Nicotine free 11 months
– Caffeine free (mostly) for two years
– Smartphone and social-media free* for four months
– Hardcore left-wing Marxist atheist turned drug addict turned paleoconservative Catholic : )

*I still have a twitter that I check sporadically when there’s a major news event for live updates.

Where do you live?

– Nashville, TN

What do you do for work?

– Real estate development is my day job

What are your interests?

– Bicycle commuting, reading, converting people to the faith, catechesis, playing pinball, making music, writing poetry, being with my family, politics, philosophy, psychology, history, theology, boating, ping pong, vintage cars, southern culture, calisthenics, Latin mass (I’m a half-trad), being with friends…

What do you hope to gain?

– Fuller recovery through a Catholic lens

What are you struggling with?

– Quick-tempered wrath is my predominant fault/character defect. My wife and I are extremely similar per our DISC assessment (both very high D and I), birth order (first born), and temperaments (both sanguine). Thus, we have a high-conflict marriage, but we are very committed to each other and are deeply in love. We’re great at parties : )
– ADHD diagnosis, with intermittent major depressive episodes
– Childhood trauma and resultant attachment issues

What are your concerns?

– That I won’t find a good sponsor who can walk me through CIR steps